To my surprise my Royals College journey began in 2017, it was not something that I had planned to do, I honestly thought I wouldn’t be able to cope with the work load associated with Bible College. I thought I wasn’t smart enough to study and I had some pretty reasonable excuses not to, up until that time I had juggled a family of ten children, a cafe, a conference centre and my husband Scott and I were the Senior Pastors of Destiny Church, Atherton. After an amazing Sunday Service at Royals I took a leap of faith and signed up for college. I can truly say it was one
of the most fulfilling years in my Christian walk thus far. I have gained more knowledge and have gone onto complete another two Diplomas since then. I feel much more confident now in my role as a Senior Pastor and better equipped for the journey ahead.
— Sharon Fittler | HE Diploma of Leadership & Ministry

I never thought I’d go back to a classroom to study, ever, but God lead me there with a purpose. To show me that discipline comes in many forms. I am a former Australian Boxing Champion and I’ve always known that hard work and training pays off, if you’re willing to commit. When God spoke to me about doing Bible college, he showed me that this was a way of training my spirit man, so that I could advance the Kingdom the way He wanted me to. It was hard. There were many times I wanted to quit. But God got me through every challenge! I believe that I am a better leader now because of this step of faith and because I trusted God. It’s changed my life and more importantly my relationship with God has deepened because of this experience. I am truly grateful for my time at Royals College.
— Fred Mundraby | HE Diploma of Leadership

My first year out of school, in 2017 I began Royals College, studying a HE Diploma of Leadership with Alphacrucis College. Little did I know that this would be a life changing year. First hand I experienced that the One we trust will break open doors when we obey His call. The kind-hearted people I shared the classroom with amazed me. We grew from each other, valued each other and glorified God together. I truly enjoyed the knowledge, insight and wisdom the lecturers imparted to the class. As we grew together, I became confident in who I am in Christ and now have the courage to step out and love people in need. Royals College was an experience that won’t be easily forgotten. It has prepared me for what I am called to do. I now absolutely love getting involved in different areas within the church, to see the world around me influenced for God and for good.
— Sophie Pitt | HE Diploma of Leadership