The fact that you're considering joining us on the adventure of a life time, testifies to the call of God on your life. If you've ever wondered "Where to from here?" then look no further, Royals College is the place for you.

It is bigger than you. Its about those who will come through you. Commitment is necessary and the responsibility is significant. However, should you give yourself wholeheartedly, the rewards are lasting.

We invite you to take the leap and let nothing hold you back. It’s time to build unshakeable foundations and study the word of God to propel you into your future. This is your time and opportunity to know Him more!

Royals College is hosting the online Diploma of Leadership and the Diploma of Ministry through Alphacrucis College (AC). AC is a recognised Registered Training Organisation (RTO: 90525), Higher Education Provider, and is the official training college of Australian Christian Churches.

The Diplomas of Leadership and the Diploma of Ministry are online full-time courses for students at Royals College. These accredited courses are completed online in the students’ own time while they attend face-to-face tutorials run by Royals College and complete their internships.



Our vision is to equip future leaders spiritually with academic qualifications to change the world.


Our mission is to raise, equip and empower students into their God given destiny.


Royals College is located at 9 Hollingsworth Street, Portsmith. The college provides a professional training facility, support services (including; library, work stations, computers and Wi-Fi access) and cafe services.